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 iTrainerPro and iTrainerMini Measure

  • Clubhead Speed - Impact and Maximum speed with or without ball contact
  • Swing Tempo - Backswing and downswing timing to 1/1000th of a second
  • Swing Plane (in 3D) - Tracks clubhead path in 3D
  • Impact path - Calculates path traced by the club head through impact
  • Face at impact - Calculates face to target line angle at impact 
  • Trajectory - Estimates carry and deviation using sophisticated ball flight mechanics and launch conditons

 Built-in Training Drills (iTrainerPro) 

  • Swing plane drill with audio frequency feedback when off plane
  • Swing tempo drill with audible timing cues to help keep you in synch

 Instant Audio and Visual Feedback (iTrainerPro and iTrainerMini)

  • Instant audio feedback and audible cues through the built in speaker
  • Screen displays images, graphics, gauges and test messsages
  • Supports multiple languages including English, Swedish, Finnish, German, Chinese and Korean

 Wireless Data and Audio (iTrainerPro and iTrainerMini)

  • Transfer swings wirelessly or over USB cable to PCs running iAcademyLite
  • Transfer swings over Bluetooth« to handheld devices running iTrainerGolf App.
  • Use Bluetooth« audio devices to listen to iTrainerPro output in private.

  App samples




iTrainerPro is an easy to use device, offering functionality to benefit all golfers. The device is small and is clamped to the club shaft, just below the grip, a place that introduces negligible impact to the swing, yet effective enough to accurately measure swing characteristics.

iTrainerPro is such an ingenious and advanced device that no other device comes even close to matching in price and features.

  • iTrainerPro is lightweight, robust and clamps easily onto the club shaft
  • Designed to fit all commonly used golf club shafts
  • Full colour screen displays analysis results in easy to understand graphs. Menus items are in vivid colour and include animations for ease of use
  • Intuitive use of just a few buttons make the iTrainerPro a dream to use
  • Lightweight 4-hour battery
  • Audio feedback is loud enough for use outdoors. Simply switch on the Bluetooth Headset to enjoy audio feedback in your own privacy
  • Adding voice tag comments to swings, is a breeze and is beneficial when analysing the swings on a PC
  • Recorded data can be easily transferred to a computer for further analysis. Transfers can be done via the USB or Bluetooth interface

             Click here to purchase an iTrainerPro unit.     




iTrainerMini is a smaller version of its big brother, iTrainer.  Discarding the screen, speaker and buttons, iTrainerMini weighs in at a lightweight 12.5g. It clips on to the club shaft just below the grip and has no impact on the golf swing, yet is able to accurately measure and analyze swing characteristics of drivers, irons and putters.

iTrainerMini incorporats the same intelligence as the iTrainer, but unlike its big brother, it is designed to work with external devices like a golfer's smartphone or tablet running the iConsoleII application (or iAcademyLite for the PC, which will be announced in the near future).

  • iTrainerMini works anywhere a club or putter can be used, on a driving range, or at home; light weight at 12.5g, attaches easily to any club or putter
  • Reviews swings, putts and data on PC, Android and Apple computer tablets and smartphones
  • Immediate audible feedback in drill mode; real-time transfer of data to your hand-held device
  • All swings/putts can be stored, replayed and reviewed
  • Helps users of all ability levels by tracking improvement and consistency
  • Works with third party product allowing more advanced training capabilities including studio training, simulated driving range, target golf and full course experiences
  • Provides more information than most systems costing many times more! 

 *iTrainerMini can also be used with PC. To give the latest iAcademyLite a test drive, go to>Updates->iAcademyLite and download version 2.0.0 for FREE.            

Click here to purchase an iTrainerMini unit.      


 iTrainerGolf AppTM   

iTrainerGolf App is a downloadable software application designed for Android and Apple* based devices. It integrates wirelessly with iTrainerPro and iTrainerMini to allow swing capture and upload to users' smartphones or computer tablets. The users can therefore immediately see what's happening with their swings.

Results are displayed on a dashboard to allow users study swing data in 2D and 3D. Basic staticstics and trend analysis is included in the free base version.

iTrainerGolf App's dashboard displays the following:

  • Clubhead Speed
  • Tempo Ratio, back to downswing timing
  • Swing plane with views from four angles 
  • Club Path and Face Angle at Impact (graphics) 
  • Spin Rates, back spin and side spin
  • Vertical and horizontal launch angles
  • Trajectory, Distance and Deviation estimation in numeric and graphic format 
  • Benchmark to compare current swing against your preset ideal swing
  • Statistics, including Average, Range and Trend data for improvement tracking
  • Provides more information than most systems costing many times more! 

 iTrainerGolf App is FREE to download: 



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