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 Insight, The Company

Founded in 2006, Insight is a Hong Kong company specialising in the development of intelligent and compact Motion Capture devices that are used for analysis and training products for various sporting applications. Although our primary product line is designed for the Golfing market, we have developed proof of concept devices for Baseball and Cricket training applications.

 Experience Sports with Insight Technology

Insight focuses on developing training products that provide instant feedback to allow users to quickly adapt and correct mistakes in their actions. Our golf swing training systems are designed for personal and professional use and our iTrainer family can be used standalone, or in a studio environment.


The iTrainer device provides sophisticated swing/putting analyses and training drills. A unique product designed by Insight Ltd, this device employs the state-of-the-art technology to track any golf club or putter's orientation in real time. Data is captured instantly and transferred wirelessly at the same time to users' remote devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets.


A mini version of iTrainer with no screen, speaker and buttons, the super lightweight iTrainerMini  incorporates exactly the same intelligence as its big brother and works with golfers' smartphones and computer tablets.


A downloadable software application for Android and Apple based devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. It integrates wirelessly with the iTrainer, to allow swings to be uploaded to users' Android or Apple devices for easier viewing.

For more information on the iTrainerPro, iTrainerMini or iTrainer App products, click on the Products menu item.

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